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Advanced controls for your PowerPoint presentations

Slidewise add-in for PowerPoint

Slidewise is a powerful PowerPoint Add-In that makes it ridiculously easy to find, edit, and control your presentation content.

  • Replace any fonts - even fonts PowerPoint can't reach!
  • Find embedded and linked media objects (images, videos, objects, etc.)
  • Replace all instances of an image in the entire presentation.
  • Reduce bloated PowerPoint files.
  • See all linked files your presentation relies on.
  • And much more...

Supercharge your productivity with Slidewise.

reduce powerpoint size with slidewise Presentations can get pretty big. Now you can track down why.

Skip the guesswork and see exactly which elements are driving up the size of your presentations.

Access media information you can't get from PowerPoint.

Slidewise opens a Task Pane in PowerPoint and creates an index showing you all the hidden details like the file-size and location of every component in your slide deck.

access PowerPoint hidden media information
replace all the instances of an image in your slide deck with slidewise Wave goodbye to silent font substitutions.

Slidewise tells you when fonts have been substituted in your presentation and shows which shapes are affected.

Replace all instances of an image.

Who has the time to replace 50 instances of a logo, one logo at a time!? Replace them all at once with Slidewise.

replace all the instances of an image in your slide deck with slidewise

Time saving features

Size summary

See the size of your presentation and every item in it at a glance. No more guessing what's making your presentation so large.

Substituted font warning

Slidewise will tell you which fonts have been substituted by PowerPoint because they aren't embedded and you don't have them on your computer.

Embedded fonts

See if fonts are embedded, either fully or as a subset and easily remove them to reduce file size.

Linked media

Slidewise shows you all of the linked files your presentation relies on. Easily locate, change, open, break and update linked media.

Reliable font replacement

Replace multiple fonts at once saving you time having to select and replace fonts one at a time. Slidewise replaces fonts where the built-in feature in PowerPoint cannot.

Broken link warning

Linked objects with missing source files are highlighted with a warning - alerting you to any links that need to be fixed.

Replace image instances

Replace all the instances of an image in your presentation in one action, leaving crop information unchanged.

Double-byte to single-byte

Slidewise lets you replace double-byte fonts with a standard single-byte font.

Target any item

Double-click any shape in Slidewise to instantly jump to it in your presentation.

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Slidewise - PowerPoint productivity Add-inwas $99.00
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Supercharge your productivity with Slidewise. A PowerPoint productivity Add-in with advanced controls for your PowerPoint presentations. more info
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System Requirements
Microsoft Windows Supported product Windows® 8, 10 (32bit & 64bit)
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